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Starting from a small counter, Moms Kitchen is now one of the fastest-growing kitchen units in Kolkata. The owners, Abhishek Biswas and Rajyasree Malakar have inspired absolute confidence in the hospitality sector regarding running a centralized kitchen business to multiple sectors including outlets, hospitals, corporate, banquets and personalized informal events at an affordable price.

Melange Banquet and Catering Service, Kolkata is a separate venture that is solely dedicated towards offering premium catering services in Kolkata for small and large parties at market leading prices.


We, at Melange Banquet and Catering Service, Kolkata take pride in offering a gastronomical adventure for your taste buds through unmatched food services. Born from Moms Kitchen, our venture is highly capable of handling events of any scale and making it a grand success. Food is something that we take very seriously as it plays a vital role in any function. Hence our team toils hard to bring flawless food which is not only tasty but also healthy, just for you!

With a capacity to serve over 200 people, our catering services in Kolkata comes with a wide range of options, requirement and packages that aptly fits your budget range. We provide a creative and modern twist to make traditional dishes interesting. Every menu is customized as per the requirements of our customers. This is the only reason why we are sometimes heralded as the best banquet and catering service in Kolkata.


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best catering in kolkata

Choose The Best
If you are planning on hosting a memorable event in Kolkata, then after choosing Melange Banquet and Catering Service, you can be rest assured that your event is in capable hands. Expect the best of services, the best of food and attention to minute details that you have ordered for your special occasions.

best catering services in kolkata
catering in kolkata
best catering in kolkata

Expect The Finest Quality
At Melange Banquet and Catering Service, Kolkata, we treat every customer like royalty. Every aspect of our customer service showcases imperial taste and high standards of strictly adhering to the dictum of zero quality compromise.

best catering services in kolkata
catering in kolkata
best catering in kolkata

Professional Workforce
What sets our workforce apart than the other catering services of Kolkata is experience and diversity. Our workforce at your disposal comprises of a mix of youth with different job skills. Our chefs are well trained in a variety of cuisines and can cook up lipsmacking dishes as per the preference of our clients.

best catering services in kolkata
catering in kolkata
best catering in kolkata

Wide Range of End-to-End Services
Before giving the go ahead for a function, we look at every aspect of the function both subjectively and objectively. For every event, Melange Banquet and Catering Service, Kolkata always take the wider perspective into consideration, without missing out on the smaller details.

For every new customer, we try our best to live up to the confidence and trust of our past clients in making the event a memorable one.


We beleive in 100% guest satisfaction and strive our best to offer our customers with the best value services

We understand that not every customer is the same, hence we offer customized services with end to end solutions for every type of personalized requests.

We believe in quality (not quantity) and value our customer relationship above all.

Hospitality is the key to new ideas, new friends, new possibilities. What we take into our lives changes us. Without new people and new ideas, we are imprisoned inside ourselves.

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